Beersbi at SawWorks

Beersbi Game Night at SawWorks

June 16th, 4:00-11:00 PM

What’s Beersbee you ask?

Answer: The most fun you’ll ever have using a frisbee, a pole, and of course, craft beer!

Beersbee Rules:

1. Players must remain behind their poles at all times.

2. Each player/team takes alternating turns trying to know the target off the pole furthest away from them.

3. Once the target is struck or the frisbee strikes the pole, the opposing team has the
opportunity to catch the frisbee or the target if knocked off. If you catch the target, the other team doesn’t get points for knocking it off. If the frisbee hit the pole and you catch it before it hits the ground, the other team doesn’t get points
for hitting the pole.

Beersbee Scoring:

1. 15 (or 21) point games. Must win by 2 points.
2. 0 points awarded if target and pole missed.
3. 1 point awarded for hitting the pole and defending team doesn’t catch the frisbee.
4. 2 points awarded for knocking down the target and it is not caught by the defending team.

Beersbee Penalties:

1. Should a penalty occur, the other team shall receive one free throw at your target.

Penalties include:

1. Stepping in front of the pole or deflecting frisbee in flight before it enters the plane of the pole.

2. Handing the frisbee to your teammate instead of tossing it.

Corn hole boards will be out for people to play on the patio while they wait for the next game! Now…Let the GAMES BEGIN!

Food by Bow Tie Food Truck starting at 6 PM. To celebrate Knox Craft Beer Week we will give the first 15 orders of food a complimentary pint of their favorite draft choice!